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The New Relentless Ring & String Download

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One single download includes a continuous video stream:
  • Three live performances,
  • Full explanation of the routine  
  • Discussion of additional ideas by Bob Miller & DJ Ehlert 
  • Backstage slo-mo close-ups of each move,
  • 11 more bonus moves shared by magicians from around the world.

   • Also includes the original Relentless Ring & String Routine booklet.

   • Vest topit pattern for $5 more (Reg. $10) (Choose The RR&S Download + VESTopit).

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"Highly recommended!"      

       Linking Ring

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" of the best teaching tapes I've ever seen... " 

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Video Table of Contents.

Note: This table of contents matches the titles in the book which is included. Creators of each move are listed in the booklet.

0:00  Intro

0:28  RR&S Live Performance by Bob Miller & DJ Ehlert

6:34  Full Explanation

—- Tricks with just the shoelace —-

8:38     1.  Start of Routine - Hunter Bow Knot

9:20     2.  Snapping a Knot

—- Set 1 —-

10:55   3.  Fisher Ring

12:50   4.  The Spectator Removes the Ring from the String

17:36   5.  The String is Pulled Through the Ring

—- Set 2 —-  (possible breakpoint)

20:28   6.  The Ring Jumps Onto the String

23:23   7.  The Ring is Pulled Off the String

25:08   8. The Ring is Tossed Onto the String

—- Set 3 —- (possible breakpoint)

26:08   9.  The Ring Disappears and Reappears on the Other Hand

28:40  10.  The Ring Jumps Back to the Finger

30:08   11. The Ring Completely Disappears*

Slow Motion Demos of Each Move

31:21  The Shoelace Knot (Move 1)

32:00   Snap A Knot (Move 2)

32:07   One-Handed Knot (Alternate Move 2)

32:16   The Fisher Ring (Move 3)

33:05   Off (Move 4)

34:05   Another Ring Move (Move 5)

35:07   No String Attached (Move 6)

36:03   The Toss Move (Move 8)

36:22   Clifton’s Ring (Move 9)

37:47   Additional Ideas with Bob Miller & DJ Ehlert 

Bonus Moves


More Bonus Moves

51:28  - 57:49   

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