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+ Reviews of the Relentless DVD

"Highly recommended- excellent effects, superb descriptions, geat value for the money!"      

       Linking Ring

"an excellent finger ring and string routine..This is good magic."            

       M-U-M Magazine

"...strong sequences... nice package... makes the learning as easy as possible... The Relentless Ring & String Routine is certainly worth the money."


" of the best teaching tapes I've ever seen... this is a video well worth your consideration." 


"All of your moves are masterfully done."       Fantasio

"Your Fisher Ring move is strikingly


      Gregory Wilson

"Relentless has become my Favorite Routine"             

      Rick Reid

"...your ring & string routine has become my everyday, best loved trick."   

     Byron Maddox

"First let me say I love your Relentless Ring and String Routine. Nicely presented and perfectly routined."    


"Your DVD is very detailed and your performance, awesome! "

       Steve Schneider, OH 

"Hey Bob, I fianally decided to show my version of the Relentless routine. With only two showings, I mamaged to get eyes popping and jaws to drop with your routine. The last time I performed it was yesterday. The lady I did it for was my wifes best friend. She said it was a freak. Later she said that the routine got better as it went along. Thanks for putting this together."   

       --Leland Eiben

+ Reviews of PreDate

 “It’s a unique and super easy to perform effect that you can easily do after reading the instructions or watching the online tutorial.

   Bob has created a really great and practical little piece of magic here and a good addition to the calendar premise.”

(5 Stars)

—Paul Romhany, Vanish Magazine


   “Bob has created a masterpiece here and is making it available to performers at a very reasonable price - I cannot recommend enough what a good deal this is.”

   — Matthew P,  UK


“One nice feature of Bob Miller’s PreDate is that there are options for all skill levels to make the effect as deceptive as you wish. But the really great thing about this clever calendar routine is that your personality will enhance it. You will find your own way to introduce synchronicity, coincidence, kismet, chance, or fate into the conversation… Buy it. All this for only $30? How can it be?”

—Bob Fellows, Mentalist


  “You do not have to be a math professor to perform this very entertaining and cerebral routine. Predate by Bob Miller is an astonishing effect with timeless patter, can be performed close up or platform, can easily be performed again, and is a solid addition to any repertoire. Predate is classic Bob Miller. Highly recommended!”

   — DJ Ehlert

   Kenosha Magic

   Author of Success Strategies for the Restaurant Performer 


   “…yours is the first mobile phone version I've seen that isn't an app (which is a big plus). I really enjoyed your performance of the stage version, which sold me on the value of the comparison graphics.

   I know I'm going to perform this often since I don't need to carry around a printed calendar and can even use a borrowed, shuffled deck.”

   — Scott, customer


   “Really like how you mixed up things with text, pictures and hand drawings. I use it all the time on my iPhone... 

   Great thinking, great product, great trick.” 

   — Geoff Williams, author of Aronson Stack for Everybody, and Mnemonica for Everybody

+ Video Download Table of Contents

0:00  Intro

0:28  RR&S Live Performance by Bob Miller

2:40  RR&S Live Performance #1 by DJ Ehlert

4:45  RR&S Live Performance #2 by DJ Ehlert

6:34  Full Explanation

—- Tricks with just the shoelace —-

8:38    1.  Start of Routine - Hunter Bow Knot

9:20    2.  Snapping a Knot

—- Set 1 —-

10:55   3.  Fisher Ring

12:50   4.  The Spectator Removes the Ring from the String

17:36   5.  The String is Pulled Through the Ring

—- Set 2 —-  (possible breakpoint)

20:28   6.  The Ring Jumps Onto the String

23:23   7.  The Ring is Pulled Off the String

25:08   8. The Ring is Tossed Onto the String

—- Set 3 —- (possible breakpoint)

26:08   9.  The Ring Disappears and Reappears on the Other Hand

28:40  10.  The Ring Jumps Back to the Finger

30:08   11. The Ring Completely Disappears*

Slow Motion Demos of Each Move

31:21  The Shoelace Knot (Move 1)

32:00   Snap A Knot (Move 2)

32:07   One-Handed Knot (Alternate Move 2)

32:16   The Fisher Ring (Move 3)

33:05   Off (Move 4)

34:05   Another Ring Move (Move 5)

35:07   No String Attached (Move 6)

36:03   The Toss Move (Move 8)

36:22   Clifton’s Ring (Move 9)

37:47   Additional Ideas with Bob Miller & DJ Ehlert 

Bonus Moves

44:45   Move from Ed Solomon

45:33   Move from Ed Bowlus

47:12   Move from Richard Reed

48:05   Move from Raju Madhok

48:39   Move from Phil Messina

49:19   Ring to Card Box Move

More Bonus Moves

51:28   Intro

51:43   Two Moves from Stephen Ablett 

53:44   Move by Joe M. Turner

55:52   Melvin Agcaoili  

57:49   Move by Vinny Marini

+ PreDate Types and Uses

Pocket Calendar:

- pre-printed color calendar. No year is displayed.

- black vinyl calendar, square, 4"x4"

- stacks: Aronson or Mnemonica


- digital images of every page in the calendar, including the comparison graphics

- stacks: Aronson or Mnemonica are always in stock, any other stack can be printed for an extra fee.


- digital images, in large format (8.5" x 11")

- digital images of every page in the calendar, including the comparison graphics

- stacks: Si Stebbins is in stock. Any other stack may be ordered.

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