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The Princess Biz Card

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Effect: Spectator thinks of one of six cards printed on a business card. After a magical wave, the printed image transforms: One of the Six Cards is now face-down, the thought-of card!

Only requires one simple card sleight, a top change.

The specatator receives a souvenier from the trick: Your business card. 
They'll keep it and tell their friends about it.

Digital product contents: 

You receive:
• 2 pairs of high resolution beautiful business card templates: 

   1)  An image of 6 faceup playing cards ( all face cards )
   2)  An image of 5 faceup cards and 1 facedown card

in both .png and .psd formats, which you can edit with your own contact information,

• And performance instructions.

Enter your own contact information on the graphic and send the files to be printed.

The volunteer will save the business card and tell others about the amazing trick.

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