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Double-sided 52-on-1 Card

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Use it as a joke. Use it for an out. Use it for misdirection. Or all at once.

Imagine you're performing a card trick for a group of people. You remove a small envelope from your pocket saying, "This is my prediction." After you attempt to name a selected card, and fail, you open the prediction envelope to the hopeful anticipation of your audience, only to reveal... the High-Visibility 52-on-1 card! And, since it's double-sided, both sides of the table will get the joke at once.

Or you could use it as a secret tool during a trick. A double-sided card can be used to switch one card for another with a double- or even a triple-turnover.

This card also makes it easy for children to select a card. Many children today are not familiar with cards. This makes it easy for a child to select a card without knowing its name.

I use a laminated version of this card for the Any Card At Any Number trick. While the spectator is marking her selection with a dry erase pen, I have plenty of time and misdirection to secretly cut the selected card to the correct location.

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