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PreDate Stage Size Calendar Prediction trick - Si Stebbins stack

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The NoMem Calendar Prediction Trick  - Stage size - (Si Stebbins)

Effect: A selected card is displayed in the PreDate Calendar on the freely chosen date named by the spectator.

This calendar contains a secret built-in key so no memorizing is required. It's easy to do but has a powerful effect on the audience. You'll always want to use this as a closer!

This DIGITAL product has the Si Stebbins stack coded into the digital Calendar images. 

Note: It is pictures from every page of the PreDate Calendar.

Instructions include:
• How to perform from a shuffled deck
• How to perform with no memorizing.
• How to perform from a stacked memorized deck.
• How to cut the tabs for the stage-sized version

Includes Comic Book style instructions AND a link to the complete instructions on video.

<----- Note the product video to the left: a stage performance using a large calendar

This digital download uses the Si Stebbins stack.
These are full-page images which you must print and collate into a calendar.


 “It’s a unique and super easy to perform effect that you can easily do after reading the instructions or watching the online tutorial.

   Bob has created a really great and practical little piece of magic here and a good addition to the calendar premise.”

(5 Stars)

—Paul Romhany, Vanish Magazine


    “Bob has created a masterpiece here and is making it available to performers at a very reasonable price - I cannot recommend enough what a good deal this is.”

   — Matthew P,  UK


“One nice feature of Bob Miller’s PreDate is that there are options for all skill levels to make the effect as deceptive as you wish. But the really great thing about this clever calendar routine is that your personality will enhance it. You will find your own way to introduce synchronicity, coincidence, kismet, chance, or fate into the conversation… Buy it. All this for only $30? How can it be?”

—Bob Fellows, Mentalist


   “You do not have to be a math professor to perform this very entertaining and cerebral routine. Predate by Bob Miller is an astonishing effect with timeless patter, can be performed close up or platform, can easily be performed again, and is a solid addition to any repertoire. Predate is classic Bob Miller. Highly recommended!”

   — DJ Ehlert
    Kenosha Magic
    Author of Success Strategies for the Restaurant Performer 


   “…yours is the first mobile phone version I've seen that isn't an app (which is a big plus). I really enjoyed your performance of the stage version, which sold me on the value of the comparison graphics.

   I know I'm going to perform this often since I don't need to carry around a printed calendar and can even use a borrowed, shuffled deck.”

   — Scott, customer


   “Really like how you mixed up things with text, pictures and hand drawings. I use it all the time on my iPhone...  

   Great thinking, great product, great trick.” 

   — Geoff Williams, author of Aronson Stack for Everybody, and Mnemonica for Everybody



How to download a digital product:  Click the link, then click the Down Arrow.


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