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Double Stuck Routine Bundle

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The Card on the Ceiling Trick is a reputation maker!

I performed The Card on Ceiling Trick at a restaurant for ten years. They cleaned the ceiling eventually because there was nowhere left to stick a card. Sometimes, a card would stick to a card that was stuck to another card and the whole chain would collapse under its weight and drop to the floor. I'm very glad the restaurant was willing to put up with this trick for so long. Every regular customer knew about the trick. It was a good promotion for the restaurant and for me!

As good as that trick is, there are times when it would be even better to stick TWO CARDS to the ceiling in the same trick. When? There may be a special occasion when a couple is celebrating an anniversary, or maybe a group of friends or a team are celebrating something special. Whatever the reason, the only way to top the reputation-making Card On Ceiling Trick is with the Double Card On Celing Trick!

Some magicians fear the traditional way of performing the trick because they've had a rubberband break when the deck hits the ceiling and it showered the audience with cards. I have a solution for that too.

Some magicians don't want to waste pocket space carrying around a tin of magician's wax and rubberbands. I have a solution for that too.

Bob Miller's Double Stuck doesn't use a tin of wax or any rubberbands and there's never any chance of raining cards onto the patrons.

These digital instructions and accompanying video show three possible effects:

1. Single Card on Ceiling:
After a card is selected, signed and replaced in the deck, the deck is shuffled and placed into the card box. The performer can show the box from all sides All the cards are really in the box. The magician indicates a spot on the ceiling to watch. Then he tosses the boxed deck to the ceiling and, when it drops down, the signed card remains stuck to the ceiling.

2. Double Cards On Ceiling
After two cards are selected, signed and replaced, the deck is shuffled and placed into the card box. The magician tosses the boxed deck to the ceiling and one signed card sticks. The magician catches the boxed deck and immediately tosses the box to the ceiling, and another signed card sticks. All the remaining cards are still boxed.

3. Borrowed Boxed Deck Card to Ceiling Trick:
Finally Bob tells how he has performed the Card On Ceiling Trick with no gimmicked box.

All three of these tricks use the Wax DisPENser sold on this site.

Product contents:
• PDF of 9 pages of instructions for the three routines: performance, patter, and how to gimmick the card box.
• A 25 minute video which includes performance and instructions
• The specially modified Wax disPENser, which will be mailed separately. 

Download links for the PDF and Video will be emailed after the order is processed.

If you want to use your own Wax Dispenser and only purchase the instructions, then see the product "Double Card On Ceiling Instructions Download Only". 

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