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Memory Magic Full Course

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This is everything you need to know to memorize anything!

Learn how to easily memorize a new list of tricks for a show. Or memorize the patter for each routine.
Learn how to memorize playing cards so you can perform amazing Memorized Deck tricks.
Learn how to recall the names of everyone in your audience!  (See the video of me doing this.)

All FIVE Lessons with 250 minutes of audio instruction as Bob Miller teaches five different students memory techniques.

PLUS, ONLY WHEN YOU BUY THE COMPLETE COURSE, you get the BONUS Resources: Several Peg Lists, Practice Lists, and Essays:

• Bob's Modified Peg Lists which allow you to easily recall any 3 digit number up to 999. This is an excellent tool for recalling area codes.
• Calculating Dates Essay
• Remembering Faces Essay
• A one page review of the Major System, the phonetic numeric conversion system which is the basis for number recall.
• The Hershel Perpetual Calendar: This resource shows you how to calculate the day of the week for any date ever!
• Fun Practice Lists you can memorize to impress your friends

And BEST OF ALL, you get Bob Miller's personal Substitute Images Names spreadsheet. This is an alphabetized list of 31,000 most popular names in 2020, downloaded from the Social Security Administration in the US. Bob has filled in more than 1000 of them with images he would use to remember many popular names. You can keep this list on your smart phone and add any images you like for the other 30,000 names.

This is a digital download. You could start your course today!
(After you purchase this product, you'll have five days to download the course before the link expires.)

Ordered separately, this would cost $22 for the five lessons, bonus CD, and Substitute Name Images list.

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