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53 on 1 Card - Royal

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A great joke and fun trick!

Effect: Performer shows an envelope labeled Prediction, which he claims has a playing card inside. After the volunteer selects a card from the deck, the Prediction Card is removed, with the Performer claiming that the Prediction Card should match the freely selected card.


But the Prediction Card displays all 52 cards on it.  So the Performer is correct!

The joke gets a laugh. But after a pause, the performer shows the other side of the Prediction Card: It matches the "freely selected" card! Then the trick gets a stunned reaction from the audience.

It's the Happy-Sad-Happy plot: First the audience is happy because they expect a good trick. Then they're sad because it was a joke. Then they're happy because it WAS a good trick.

Choose whatever card face you want. We have them all!
(but the Aces and Faces are in limited supply. So order them while they're still available. This is the product order for the Royal Cards: Faces or Aces)
Each Poker-sized card is printed with our exclusive High-Visibility 52 on 1 design on the back.

Free shipping. (The checkout page will call this a Digital Item. That is how we give free shipping.)

On the Order Checkout page, there is a comment field for you to enter which card you want on the face of the 53 on 1 Card.  Faces and Aces are $4.00   All others are $3.00.  

THIS PRODUCT ORDER IS FOR FACES AND ACES. Find the other product called 53 on 1 Card - Non-Royal

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